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Remainders: Study finds a race connection in teacher turnover

  • Study: Turnover is lower among teachers who are the same race as their principal. (JPAM/MU News)
  • A West New York school aide who was laid off went on hunger strike to save her job. (Hudson Reporter)
  • State officials helped the feds craft NCLB waiver rules, and now they might not follow them. (The Capitol)
  • Neuroscientists say “redshirting,” or waiting a year before kindergarten, is bad for kids’ brains. (Times)
  • Instructions to help teachers with cold-calling on students during class. (Coach G.’s Teaching Tips)
  • Schools where fourth-grade classes got bigger saw smaller-than-average score gains last year. (Edwize)
  • Checker Finn advocates for a new, hybrid breed of school governance. (National Affairs via Flypaper)
  • The DOE’s former top exec, Eric Nadelstern, urges creative non-compliance for principals. (Schoolbook)
  • A problem for education reporters: Writing accurately about test scores can be boring. (Shanker Blog)
  • Jay Mathews lists six intriguing examples of suggestions for new school models. (Class Struggle)
  • USDOE is giving states an extra four months to report how they spent stimulus funds. (Politics K-12)
  • Walking through a super-student-centered lesson on place value. (Mr. Foteah)
  • Jonathan Kozol has signed onto Ralph Nader’s call for a primary challenge against Obama. (Nation)