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Rise & Shine: State says it did some erasure analysis after all

  • Under-the radar erasure analysis done on 11 Regents exams found red flags at 34 city schools. (Times)
  • On new report cards, more schools got low scores. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, Post, NY1, WSJ)
  • Michael Winerip: Jacqui Getz, leader of the brand-new PS 126, is a model of a good principal. (Times)
  • Struggling students at Brooklyn’s PS 224 are not getting required tutoring services. (Daily News)
  • Even after violent incidents fall at once-dangerous schools, the city leaves metal detectors in place. (Post)
  • School bus cuts in Queens have give some students long commutes on public transport. (Daily News)
  • Middle school students got information about high school options at a citywide fair. (NY1, WNYC)
  • The Daily News praises the city’s new middle school plans for showing that money alone isn’t a cure.
  • In California, parents trying to use the “trigger law” to take over schools face steep challenges. (Times)
  • A Buffalo parent calls on New York City to get push for a parent trigger law in New York. (Daily News)
  • New York State is considering applying for an NCLB waiver but hasn’t decided. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s aggressive school reforms could be short-lived. (Huffington Post)
  • After a civil rights lawsuit threat, Arizona stopped sending investigators to audit teachers’ accents. (Times)
  • President Obama’s No Child Left Behind waivers are an end-run around a recalcitrant Congress. (Times)
  • New scrutiny is being applied to D.C.’s middle schools, which vary widely in quality. (Washington Post)