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Remainders: A navigation guide to the citywide high school fair

  • A guide to all seven floors of the citywide high school fair, happening in Brooklyn this weekend. (DOE)
  • Why is Chancellor Walcott pushing middle schools when research says they shouldn’t exist? (Flypaper)
  • Photos of a student’s math work show he’s both very clever and also error-prone. (No Sleep ‘Til Summer)
  • GEM espionage finds that only 100 people attended E4E’s meeting with Chancellor Walcott. (Ed Notes)
  • The UFT is now holding meetings in all five boroughs for teachers in the ATR pool. (NYC ATR)
  • Even when they’re subbing glue for proper dental care, kids say the darndest things. (Mr. Foteah)
  • A 1969 essay about the intractable problems of urban education. (National Affairs via Mike Goldstein)
  • President Obama emphasized that NCLB waivers don’t mean freedom from accountability. (Politics K-12)
  • Dana Goldstein: The waivers prove the Obama administration is committed to narrow reforms. (Nation)
  • The waivers require states to publicly announce their students’ college-going rates. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Richard Kahlenberg: Steven Brill misses the fact that teachers union support reform, too. (New Republic)
  • All of a sudden, Republican presidential candidates are talking again about abolishing USDOE. (Fox)
  • A new website shows the recent efforts of FiftyCAN, which pushes for reform at the state level. (Eduflack)