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UFT Fall Charter Conference: Progressive Visions for Charter and Union Partnerships

Join charter school and educational experts and fellow teachers from New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey for professional learning and inspiring conversations!

Professional Development Certificates of Participation will be available to attendees.

Panels and Workshops:

How Charters and Unions Can Work Together for Social Justice

Progressive Visions for Charter Contracts and Collective Bargaining

Increasing Teacher, Parent, and Student Voice in Charters

Supporting Progressive and Innovative Pedagogy in Charters

Building Connections Between District and Charter Schools

Unions, Charter Schools and Democracy

Confirmed Speakers:

Michael Mulgrew, UFT President

Deborah W. Meier, Coalition of Essential Schools

Steve Barr, Board Chair, Future is Now Schools

Luis Miranda, Board Chair, Amber Charter School

Robert Hughes, New Visions for Public Schools

Jeff Henig, Columbia University

Norm Fruchter, Annenberg Institute on School Reform, Brown University

Jonathan Gyurko, Leeds Global Partners

Mona Davids, New York Charter Parents Association

James Forman, Jr., Yale Law School, Founder of Maya Angelou Charter School

John Parr, Education Evolving

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