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Remainders: Analyzing 80-year-old, discarded student data

  • A first look at hundreds of 80-year-old report cards discarded by a now-defunct Manhattan school. (Slate)
  • Education isn’t the only area where private donations are making up for low city funds. (Gotham Gazette)
  • A charter school parent organizer lands on a list of New York’s “Forty under 40.” (City Hall News)
  • The latest issue of a journal about scientific research is all about early childhood education. (Science)
  • A city teacher who has her smallest class ever says she is able to get through all her plans. (Miss Brave)
  • As information grows and enthusiasm spreads, more countries are attempting school reform. (Economist)
  • Praise for Community section contributor Mark Anderson‘s unusual focus on curriculum. (Flypaper)
  • Jay Mathews: Sports, which most students play, could be key to improving high schools. (Class Struggle)
  • A teacher asks for a little more from a book that turns education research into instructions. (Jose Vilson)
  • Adjusting to the changes brought by the Common Core’s arrival is exhausting. (No Sleep ‘Til Summer)
  • A history of “outrageous” cheating scandals, both debunked and confirmed. (ProPublica)
  • The principal of a school focusing on the film industry laments a dearth of “good systems.” (Schoolbook)
  • National teachers unions are among donors to Congress’s “supercommittee” on debt. (Politics K-12)