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Rise & Shine: Some ed officials get free trips from top test-maker

  • Michael Winerip: State education officials get free trips from — and do business with — Pearson. (Times)
  • New York still sends disabled students to out-of-state schools with checkered reputations. (Daily News)
  • A Staten Island couple is accused of stealing millions in lunch funds from for-profit preschools. (Times)
  • The FDNY is cracking down on paper posted in school hallways and classrooms. (GothamSchools)
  • The city has put the troubled Williamsburg Charter High School on probation. (GothamSchools, WNYC)
  • The founders of Educators 4 Excellence say this is the year to revamp teacher evaluations. (Daily News)
  • Peg Tyre: “Parent trigger” laws are solid theoretically but require parents to be sophisticated. (Times)
  • Arne Duncan and Netflix’s CEO explain the Obama administration’s investment in digital learning. (WSJ)
  • When a family moves from PS 321 to Moscow, they find an unusual school that’s tiny and warm. (Times)
  • Chicago’s mayor and teachers union are still fighting over the length of the school day. (Times)
  • Before some Chicago schools voted for a longer day, some had already added back recess time. (Times)
  • Across the country, state education departments are slashing funds for “regional superintendents.” (NPR)
  • The L.A. Times says the state should conduct erasure analysis and flag too-good-to-true score gains.