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Remainders: Before the honeymoon ends, lots of hard work

  • A teacher recognizes that he’s in a honeymoon period with his class and plans to milk it. (Jose Vilson)
  • A Schenectady teacher was named the state’s 2011 teacher of the year. (Albany Times-Union)
  • New numbers show a rise in poverty statewide, and almost certainly in New York City, too. (Wonkster)
  • Jay Mathews wants to know: Has parent rebellion ever yielded improved performance? (Class Struggle)
  • A new book chronicles longstanding conflicts over teacher selection in New York City. (Notebook)
  • Diane Ravitch says she penned a 100-page paperback “Death and Life” epilogue. (Bridging Differences)
  • More on the surprising paucity of states using erasure analysis to detect possible cheating. (ProPublica)
  • The House offered bipartisan backing for states to get federal aid to create charter schools. (Politics K-12)
  • Reporting from an overcrowded city school, Miss Eyre says class sizes have risen. (NYC Educator)
  • Comedian Jimmy Fallon’s creation of the #myteacherisweird Twitter tag made us LOL. (Twitter)