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Remainders: Knowing a little Chinese goes a long way in class

  • Knowing a little Chinese helped a teacher engage an immigrant student. (No Sleep ‘Til Summer)
  • Stuyvesant’s student body president from 9/11 is in the Army; the VP is in a rap group. (Atlantic)
  • Mark Anderson: The debate over teachers’ scores shows “bipolar” views of teachers. (Education Nation)
  • Report: Sweden’s schools marketplace, in place since the 1990s, hasn’t boosted scores. (Guardian UK)
  • In New York, class size is in some ways just another occasion for an education politics fight. (NY Mag)
  • Handicapping the entrants in the second round of Race to the Top. (Politics K-12)
  • Spike Lee’s 9/11-themed State Farm ad featured former members of PS 22’s chorus. (P.S. 22 Chorus)
  • Experts and commentators offer a range of views on how to combat cheating. (SchoolBook)
  • Usually when Obama talks about teacher jobs, he also talks about quality, but not now. (Dana Goldstein)
  • Teachers choose their jobs for money and other reasons, just like other professionals. (Eduwonk)
  • A newly excessed teacher describes ATRs as “ronins,” medieval Japanese “floating men.” (NYC ATR)
  • A member of the ATR pool landed a job — replete with parking spot — through persistence. (NYC ATR)
  • Charter school networks and other groups are starting to run their own teacher training. (Teacher Beat)
  • An interview with New Orleans schools chief John White, days before he left NYC. (Education Next)
  • The New York Civil Liberties Union is recruiting 20 teens to join its youth advocacy corps. (NYCLU)