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Remainders: After living school reform, suggesting new tactics

  • Young Baltimoreans aim to reshape the debate about school reform away from achievement. (Urbanite)
  • A teacher meets a 17-year-old student who is just hoping she won’t be killed. (Charting My Own Course)
  • Comparing the Common Core approaches of Chicago and Cleveland. (The Quick and the Ed)
  • A burnt-out D.C. teacher suggests that D.C. bring back binary teacher ratings. (Answer Sheet)
  • Principals burn out in high-intensity charter schools, just like teachers. (Mr. Dolan via Mike Goldstein)
  • Comparing the lessons of marriage to the lessons learned in the classroom. (Cooperative Catalyst)
  • A principal says the problem facing Salon’s “bad teacher” was not simply bad advice. (Practical Theory)
  • “May you see him for whom he is,” a teacher’s prayer to her son’s first teacher begins. (Tween Teacher)
  • Most states don’t have 9/11 in their social studies standards, but it’s taught anyway. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Are Americans “Koala Dads,” preferring joy and well-roundedness in their children? (Flypaper)
  • We’re sneaking an extra day into the long weekend and resting up for next week. Have a great weekend!