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Rise & Shine: Eighth-grade reading scores dropped to new low

  • The city’s small test score gains outshone the state’s. (GothamSchools, Daily News, NY1, WNYC, WSJ)
  • But the reading scores for eighth-grade students actually dropped to their lowest point since 2006. (Post)
  • A Bronx teacher was fired after investigators found she enrolled her son but didn’t pay tuition. (Post)
  • Nearly every student at Bronx Charter School for the Arts reported bullying on the city’s survey. (WPIX)
  • The city knew for months about toxins at Bronx New School but only told families this week. (Daily News)
  • The government is suing a for-profit education company for illegally claiming financial aid. (Times, WSJ)
  • Atlanta is taking $6 million from savings to pay salaries of teachers accused of cheating. (AJC)