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Rise & Shine: Insiders say new state test scores show gains

  • Insiders say state test scores, which were released to principals yesterday, showed small gains. (Post)
  • Among all states, New York is taking the most aggressive steps to revamp teacher education. (EdWeek)
  • The city’s Young Men’s Initiative includes a range of education programs. (GothamSchools, WNYC)
  • Adam Brodsky: We should hope for a N.Y. cheating scandal so we can see how bad teachers are. (Post)
  • The Daily News says the AFT’s leaked “parent trigger” presentation shows unions aren’t for communities.
  • Donations from a hedge-fund manager swayed Bridgeport, Conn., into dissolving its school board. (WSJ)
  • A suburban Colorado country is handing out vouchers to boost choice and maybe save money. (WSJ)