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Remainders: A 'bad teacher' recounts his short-lived career

  • A teacher who lasted one semester at a Bronx school explains his path to being a “bad teacher.” (Salon)
  • What’s the point of criticizing a teacher evaluation system that hasn’t been built yet? (Shanker Blog)
  • On the conspicuous absence of people of color representing educators publicly. (Jose Vilson)
  • A teacher tackles “decision fatigue” head-on by taking small steps to have a better year. (Miss Brave)
  • Richard Rothstein: “Class Warfare” misrepresent unions, and it misrepresents reformers, too. (Slate)
  • An ex-Wireless Generation employee sacrificed stock when she moved to Gates Foundation. (Eduwonk)
  • Launching an in-depth look at five Las Vegas schools undergoing turnaround this year. (Las Vegas Sun)
  • A teacher-quality nonprofit says releasing TDRs could widen the achievement gap. (NCTQ via Russo)