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Rise & Shine: Poor areas set to lose more school aides in layoffs

  • Juan Gonzalez: Plans show that poor areas will lose more school aides to layoffs. (Daily News)
  • Judges: The city can release teachers’ ratings. (GS, Times, Daily News, Post, NY1, WNYC, WSJ, LAT)
  • The Post and Daily News both praise the step toward “sunshine” on teachers’ ratings.
  • Two equity advocates say the city is wrong to count on philanthropists to prop up the schools. (Times)
  • A panel discussion yesterday reveal splits over Mayor Bloomberg’s education legacy. (City Hall News)
  • State and city officials sparred over the city’s efforts to monitor cheating. (GothamSchools, Post, NY1)
  • A DOE official’s remark about “real parents” raised eyebrows and questions. (GothamSchools)
  • Chicago is aiming to add up to 90 minutes to the school day, but specifics are unresolved. (Times)
  • In Chicago, Parents spend days camping on the side for the chance to get free music classes. (Times)