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Rise & Shine: Fewer special needs students in charter schools

  • Charter schools’ higher scores come with fewer special ed and ELL students at the schools. (Daily News)
  • No one is saying what, or who, allowed the cancer-causing-chemical scare at PS 51 to happen. (NY1)
  • A principal who changed grades is resigning but getting a new job. (Times, GothamSchools, NY1, Post)
  • Michael Winerip: Michelle Rhee won’t speak to the paper that exposed cheating in D.C. schools. (Times)
  • Census data are being mined for education insights, such as about back-to-school spending. (Times)
  • A new state law prohibits barbers from selling a sugary alcoholic drink to children. (Daily News)
  • Praising two new books about school reform, Joel Klein says parents and teachers must change. (WSJ)