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Remainders: Concern about childcare implications of ATR plan

  • A teacher in the ATR pool says weekly assignments this year will complicate her child care. (NYC ATR)
  • Seventeen states still can’t link student performance to individual teachers. (Inside School Research)
  • A new study says some of TFA’s selection criteria correlate with higher student scores. (Teacher Beat)
  • A city teacher reflects on being one of few current K-12 educators to speak at the SOS rally. (Jose Vilson)
  • Even the country’s best and most motivated teachers say they feel under attack. (Learning First Alliance)
  • In 1900, Ladies Home Journal predicted that schools would give out healthcare and vacations. (GOOD)
  • Liza Campbell says her campus, Bushwick, is moving toward needed restorative justice. (GS Community)
  • GEM and E4E debate seniority in the pages of Costco’s newsletter. (Costco Connection via Ed Notes)
  • In California, where layoffs go by seniority layoffs, a proposal not to rehire that way. (Voice of San Diego)
  • A principal ponders the place of international studies in a crowded curriculum. (Starting an Ed School)
  • The debt deal means there’s no chance that schools will get new federal funds this year. (HuffPo)
  • A reminder that huge inequities persist among districts despite gap-closing efforts. (School Finance 101)