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Remainders: Education emerging as Obama-Perry battleground

  • Obliquely criticizing Rick Perry, Arne Duncan said he “feels very badly” for Texas’s children. (TPM)
  • An argument that Michele Bachmann’s ascendancy reflects a change in GOP education policy. (Slate)
  • Jose Vilson calls for more attention ought to be given to who evaluates teachers. (Future of Teaching)
  • In a new program, students at a Chicago vocational high school will breed racehorses. (AP)
  • Meet a teacher who found herself on the “do-not-hire” list Chicago says it doesn’t maintain. (Reader)
  • President Obama’s jobs plan might include school construction and teacher salaries. (Ed Money Watch)
  • A study found that teacher coaching that one of the researchers designed boosts scores. (Teacher Beat)
  • A parent worries about making her daughter a pioneer in gentrifying her neighborhood school. (Babble)
  • Philadelphia business leaders say they are being asked to help buy out the superintendent. (Inquirer)
  • It’s official: States don’t have to adopt the Common Core to get NCLB waivers. (Politics K-12)
  • Nick Ehrmann: Debates about education technology and human capital should be integrated. (HuffPo)