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Remainders: Amid protest, PEP approves Verizon contract

  • The Panel for Educational Policy just approved several controversial contracts. More soon. (GS Twitter)
  • The principal of Banana Kelly High School, which is awaiting a turnaround plan, has resigned. (EdVox)
  • Few NYC students landed summer internships, but those who did got good experience. (The Lookout)
  • The city is planning to halve a program that prepares students for specialized schools. (Insideschools)
  • In Camden, N.J., poverty and violence still cripple schools. (American Prospect/Hechinger Report)
  • Speaking of Insideschools, the site launched a shiny new redesign last week — congratulations!
  • A working paper by three economists finds that only urban, “no excuses” charter schools work. (MIT)
  • A charter school principal explains the finding that math gains exceed reading ones. (Mike Goldstein)
  • A journalist who has covered ESL issues is becoming an ESL teacher in D.C. (Learning the Language)
  • A city teacher pens a “Dear John” letter to his once-loved social studies books. (Mr D’s Neighborhood)
  • The annual Phi Delta Kappa poll finds the public trusts teachers, but not unions. (Hechinger Ed Blog)
  • An analysis of kindergarten teachers as street-level bureaucrats in education policy. (Larry Cuban)
  • A lawmaker wants the federal government foot more special education costs. (On Special Education)