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Rise & Shine: Regents divided over NY’s school reform agenda

  • Michael Winerip: New York’s Regents are split on the state’s school reform agenda and strategy. (Times)
  • The state’s contract with Pearson for new state tests to start in 2012 calls for fewer trick questions. (TImes)
  • Five city high schools are flagged on a state list as having suspicious scores. (Post, Daily News, NY1)
  • A judge ruled that Upper West Success Academy can open as planned. (DNAInfo, NY1, WSJ, City Room)
  • A planned $120 million city schools contract with Verizon is under attack for several reasons. (Daily News)
  • Kim Bruno, principal of LaGuardia High School, turned down a job offer in Los Angeles. (L.A. Times)
  • Community organizations say most of their parents seem to support the new sex-ed mandate. (WSJ)
  • Energy consumption in city schools is down 11 percent since 2008, part of a national trend. (WSJ)
  • The Post says last week’s charter school scores should convince the UFT and NAACP to drop their suit.
  • Stanley Crouch: The scores show that charters have the best chance of helping needy kids. (Daily News)
  • Steven Brill: School reform’s pace sadly offers little choice between a sprint and the status quo. (WSJ)
  • As the private Grace Church School adds a high school, it is reworking its curriculum, too. (WSJ)
  • In addition to offering waivers, the Obama administration is less often enforcing NCLB’s terms. (Times)
  • Parents and teachers are demanding a bigger role in crafting Chicago’s schools budget. (Times)
  • Chicago’s teachers union president said a strike was likely before dialing down her rhetoric. (Sun-Times)
  • Race to the Top has Delaware is adding data coaches in each of its school districts. (News Journal)