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Remainders: Cheating ring found aboard a U.S. Navy submarine

  • A Navy commander and crew members were fired over cheating detected aboard their submarine. (AP)
  • A teacher says he rejects the pity his neighbors offer him when they find out where he works. (Mr Foteah)
  • A former Hollywood agent’s new charter school is opening this week in Los Angeles. (Media Decoder)
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry, now running for president, opposes Obama’s education policies. (Answer Sheet)
  • Teachers Unite is offering a three-day workshop next week for teachers to learn to organize. (Ed Notes)
  • Creighton Davis describes his students’ evolving relationship to summer reading. (GS Community)
  • One teacher’s packed to-do list for the first few days of school, shared as inspiration. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • What a teacher would have written after TFA training 20 years ago if he’d had a blog. (Gary Rubinstein)
  • Rebutting higher education’s skepticism about early college high schools. (The Quick and the Ed)
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel surprised principals today by telling them they’ll get merit pay. (CNC)