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Remainders: Charter networks say they like calling NYC home

  • Charter schools facing growth challenges see opportunity in New York’s charter-friendliness. (EdWeek)
  • The case against the state’s teacher evaluations was in court today; the state had no comment. (NYSUT)
  • A Chicago teacher explains what an NCLB waiver would mean to him: not much. (Gapers Block)
  • A critique of an upcoming NYTimes panel on the future of schools: Where are the teachers? (Jose Vilson)
  • If you’ve ever wanted to be a Parent Access Knowledge Analyst, now’s your chance. (Simply Hired)
  • A Q&A with Peg Tyre, whose new book is about the way parents should and do pick schools. (Hechinger)
  • Dana Lawit on the thrill of teaching summer school: It’s one part joy, one part rush. (GS Community)
  • An outspoken parent lists the test-score data points that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t broadcast. (EdVox)
  • City students helped produce a TV piece about their “dropout factory” high schools. (PBS NewsHour)
  • Tom Allon, the local media magnate who is running for mayor, has hired a top fundraiser. (City Room)
  • Rapidfire investigations into test scores at some Philadelphia schools will finish Monday. (Notebook)
  • Republican presidential hopefuls targeted No Child Left Behind during last night’s debate. (Politics K-12)