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Rise & Shine: Some city private schools making diversity strides

  • Nearly half of kindergartners at Dalton, an elite private school, will be students of color this year. (WSJ)
  • Parents applauded the city’s plan to require sex education in all middle and high schools. (Daily News)
  • But the Archdiocese of New York, the Catholic Church, criticized the sex ed plan. (Times)
  • The church’s opposition could cause trouble for schools housed in church buildings. (GothamSchools)
  • The Times praises the sex ed rules, saying teen disease and pregnancy rates make them “long overdue.”
  • Bronx schools lagged farthest behind in performance on state tests. (NY1)
  • A charter school parent spokeswoman says the scores should end criticism of charter schools. (Post)
  • A new report says that even states that raised test standards rarely raise them to NAEP levels. (WSJ)
  • Officials in a suburban D.C. county are quietly firing more teachers and principals. (Washington Post)