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Rise & Shine: New evaluation system didn't skew tenure rate

  • Teachers evaluated under a new system had the same lower tenure rate as other teachers. (Daily News)
  • Sixteen other companies tried for the state contract that’s going to Wireless Generation. (Daily News)
  • A Brooklyn principal assigned students a furniture-moving trip that involved an illicit U-Haul ride. (Post)
  • Michael Winerip: Nonprofit news reporters uncovered evidence of cheating in Pennsylvania. (Times)
  • A valuable Tiffany stained glass window from Erasmus High School has been stored in a closet. (NY1)
  • Students enrolled in summer school are attending at a much higher rate than in past years. (Daily News)
  • P-Tech High School, opening in September, is a model of business and education collaboration. (WSJ)
  • A white supremacist former school board member is principal of a Bronx Catholic school. (Daily News)
  • A Bronx man was arrested after interrupting church services to call for the principal’s firing. (Daily News)
  • A popular teacher at a Bronx high school has won repeated awards for getting students involved. (Post)
  • The nonprofit Chess-in-the-Schools is one of the biggest awardees of City Council donations. (Post)
  • Reeling from attacks on its corporate sponsors, Scholastic is cutting back its curriculum division. (Times)
  • Tougher new teacher evaluations are going into effect in Rhode Island this fall. (Providence Journal)
  • Statewide, some superintendents say it’s hard to sell a union-crafted evaluation system. (Ithaca Journal)