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Remainders: Are city schools less violent? No good way to tell

  • Evaluating if the city’s Impact Schools initiative cut down on violence is almost impossible. (City Limits)
  • An argument that urban schools miss out on good teachers because of late hiring. (Jay Mathews)
  • Bridging the district-charter school divide brought some people to the Berlin Wall. (Eduwonk)
  • A report from a union of teachers union activists in Chicago. (Ed Notes)
  • Stephen Lazar says he’s marching on Washington to be part of a movement. (GS Community)
  • A teacher wonders why he issues report cards when test scores decide promotion. (America’s Future)
  • A Brooklyn parent makes the case that a proposed charter school isn’t really for the community. (EdVox)
  • The principal of Ralph McKee HS on her hardest duty: attending a student’s funeral. (Soaring Seagulls)
  • A before and after view of revisions to a “coaching plan” for a developing teacher. (Starting an Ed School)
  • Federal authorities have gotten involved in checking D.C.’s cheating investigation. (D.C. Schools Insider)
  • There might be a recession on, but enrollment and tuition at city private schools is rising. (City Room)