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Remainders: The excuses the "no excuses" crowd makes

  • The new excuses the “no excuses” movement makes, and ideas about how to evolve. (NYTM)
  • Responding to the Atlanta scandal, Arne Duncan says cheating is not widespread. (Russo)
  • A national summit meeting here will promote imagination’s role in schools. (Ed Week)
  • Comparing teacher layoffs that happened to hypothetical layoffs based on value-added data. (Ed Next)
  • The advocacy group 50CAN, similar to DFER, plans to expand to New York and is hiring. (50CAN)
  • Criticizing charter schools for re-segregating when neighborhoods are segregated is unfair. (Eduwonk)
  • A debate about what role affluent families should take in the school reform debate. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • An argument that children of different social class require different education policies. (Flypaper)

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