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Remainders: Philly teacher admits to helping students with tests

  • A teacher admits to helping her students with state tests; “I wanted them to succeed.” (Notebook)
  • A new book argues why even the best teaching can’t solve poverty or inequality. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • A presentation by the DOE outlines the details of the ATR agreement. (Adobe Connect)
  • A newspaper series highlights “the other welfare”: disability checks for children. (Globe via JJ)
  • Teachers started to descend on D.C. today for the 4-day Save Our Schools March. (Politics K-12)
  • They brought an art-installation-style demonstration: dolls trapped in boxes. (Politics K-12)
  • A collection of news stories about the topics that are fueling the Save Our Schools march. (EdWeek)
  • The federal government says students who get GEDs should be counted as high school dropouts. (NPR)
  • Five more suggestions for maintaining high quality in digital learning environments. (Quick and Ed)

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