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Remainders: Jon Stewart patching in to Save Our Schools rally

  • Comedian Jon Stewart will be appearing via video at the Save Our Schools rally. (Palm Beach Post)
  • A teacher tried to list reasons to attend the rally but came up with just one big one. (James Boutin)
  • An attempt to debunk the idea that charter schools are taking over public education. (Quick and Ed)
  • In a paper, Rick Hess looks at the thorny issue of quality control in online learning. (Fordham Institute)
  • Colorado loses an extra-large number of students during senior year. A look at why. (Ed News Colorado)
  • The Walton Foundation is giving $50 million to help Teach for America expand. (Teacher Beat)
  • Things improved at Collin’s school when the principal bought a round of drinks. (GS Community)
  • The new head of ACS, Ronald Richter, was a deputy through the agency’s troubles. (Daily Politics)
  • What can stop the government’s impasse over the debt ceiling? Junior high civics teachers! (The Onion)
  • In a letter, Tom Vander Ark defends his decision to pull out of NYC charter schools he started. (Times)
  • A wonk lamented to the House that it is easier to become a teacher than play college football. (HuffPo)