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Remainders: What newer schools do and what they don’t

  • A UFT analysis finds that newer schools graduate more students, but with less preparation. (Edwize)
  • Teachers are often held to a higher standard of public behavior than others. Should they be? (Mrs. Ripp)
  • City Council Ed Committee Chair Robert Jackson is eying a run for Manhattan president. (Politicker)
  • Obama touted corporations’ role in schools and the economic argument for reform. (Politics K12)
  • A Bronx teacher explains his path to protest and why he’ll be marching in D.C. this month. (Jose Vilson)
  • It’s tiredness — not from hard work, but from assaults — motivating another marcher. (Gary Rubenstein)
  • Extracting the best and worst Bronx principals from this year’s Learning Environment Surveys. (JD2718)
  • In 1998, teachers unions already saw disparate views about the labor movement within their ranks. (EIA)
  • The school research landscape is consolidating as CALDER and AIR merge. (Inside School Research)
  • New York is one of the states that will compete for the early-learning Race to the Top. (Eduwonk)
  • Speaking of early childhood, New York City is overhauling publicly funded daycares. (GS)