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Rise & Shine: Deal to avert layoffs came after chaos at City Hall

  • A look into the negotiations to avert teacher layoffs reveals an uncommon level of chaos. (Times)
  • The Department of Education canceled its suspended teacher bonus program. (Times, Daily News)
  • The DOE is spending $2 million to conduct a family involvement survey this month. (Daily News)
  • A city-union deal will bring federal aid to some schools. (GothamSchoolsTimesPostDaily News)
  • But union officials want more time before expanding the teacher evaluation deal to more schools. (GS)
  • Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s promises, some city schools will continue to use dirty heating oil. (NY1)
  • Some city summer school teachers are discussing now-legal gay marriage in their classes. (Post)
  • Bloomberg said parents can use cell phones — banned in schools — to track their kids. (Daily News)
  • Atlanta’s former schools chief, Beverly Hall, seems to have aided in covering up cheating. (Times)
  • The Times says cheaters should be removed from schools, not the tests that put pressure on them.
  • Los Angeles is revising its social promotion ban to focus on helping struggling students. (L.A. Times)
  • As the NewsCorp scandal snowballs, a look at whether Joel Klein can clean up the company. (Reuters)
  • The newest frontier for charter schools is in suburbs with high-performing public schools. (Times)