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Remainders: More than 200 D.C. teachers fired over test scores

  • Five percent of D.C. teachers were fired today because of low student test scores. (D.C. Schools Insider)
  • Details about what’s being discussed in top-secret negotiations on NCLB flexibility. (Politics K-12)
  • A gadfly gives Rahm Emanuel a T after 6 weeks as Chicago’s mayor, for “tormenting teachers.” (Reader)
  • A city teacher lists four things she wishes she had done differently last year. (Miss Brave)
  • A suburban principal got a call from Arne Duncan to talk about the dangers of testing. (Answer Sheet)
  • A California law requires charter schools to reflect their communities demographically. (BET)
  • Economist Eric Hanushek: California’s budget strategy, to cut school time, is the worst. (Education Next)
  • A “wince-worthy” look at a new version of “The Great Gatsby” for today’s students. (Core Knowledge)
  • A Philadelphia teacher who didn’t witness cheating reflects on his city’s growing scandal. (Notebook)

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