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Remainders: A jobless teacher is weighing volunteer-teaching

  • A teacher who can’t find a job this year is contemplating offering to teach as a volunteer. (James Boutin)
  • More than 50 Teach for America corps members visited with their Israeli counterparts. (JTA)
  • A rundown of the changes afoot in New York State’s teacher education rules. (Teacher Beat)
  • Mark Anderson contemplates the hidden curriculum of teaching behavior. (GS Community)
  • Sociologist Aaron Pallas sheds light on what makes organizations susceptible to cheating. (Hechinger)
  • Andy Rotherham teases seven books education buffs should check out this summer. (School of Thought)
  • Identifying Matthew Sprowal’s story as yet another example of unproductive polarization. (Ruben Brosbe)
  • Sol Stern praises a Core Knowledge literacy program but wonders if the city can sustain it. (Daily News)
  • A turnaround nonprofit identifies the collective bargaining tips that would help its work. (Mass Insight)
  • A timeline of the Wireless Generation contract under fire along with Rupert Murdoch. (NYC P.S. Parents)
  • Randi Weingarten said reformers couldn’t teach for 10 minutes. How long did she last? (Joanne Jacobs)
  • The next frontier in improving school quality looks to be principal evaluations. (EdWeek)