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Remainders: Report: News Corp poised to get state contract

  • The state DOE is poised to grant a no-bid contract to News Corp, home of Joel Klein. (DN)
  • Census data from 2009, just released, show increased spending on city schools. (Littlefield)
  • The journalist who published Duncan’s Diane Ravitch criticism faced off with her. (Akamai)
  • Charter schools’ success rates challenge district school-based turnaround strategies. (Flypaper)
  • Protests are being planned across the city to address budget concerns. (Insideschools)
  • Miss Eyre joins the chorus against eliminating the January Regents exams. (NYC Educator)
  • New Jersey looks about to debut a public-private school partnership program. (Ed Week)
  • Census data show that more Hispanic adults are finishing high school. (Associated Press)
  • A report on arts education finds that spending and teaching positions are down. (CityRoom, GS)