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Remainders: Former DOE exec joining Joel Klein at News Corp

  • The DOE’s ex-chief operating officer has the same job in Joel Klein’s News Corp. group. (BusinessWeek)
  • The Panel for Education Policy is looking to hire help with logistics and compliance. (Simply Hired)
  • A muffled recording of last night’s New America Foundation talk on the future of teaching. (Russo)
  • Instructions for this week’s Fight Back Friday against budget cuts; 40 schools are participating. (FBF Blog)
  • A look at the Broad Superintendents Academy, which this year got 758 applications for 8 spots. (EdWeek)
  • Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn’t a big fan of common standards. (Politics K-12)
  • Teacher Mark Anderson launches a multi-post series on the role of curriculum. (GS Community)
  • A mom says her son is bored during the lead-up to the English Regents exam. (Insideschools)
  • Educational models are like Apple products: Something new comes out right after you buy. (Jose Vilson)
  • What is the UFT doing at MS 216, where teachers say their principal is harassing them? (Ed Notes)
  • A former city principal is among the readers weighing in on Diane Ravitch’s “miracle” op/ed. (Times)
  • John Merrow of PBS is interviewing Wendy Kopp next week in New York, and vice versa. (JCC)
  • An annual talent show highlighted strengths and weakness of Collin Lawrence’s school. (GS Community)
  • The New York Times’ tutoring story today looked pretty much just like a similar story last year. (Daily Intel)

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