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Remainders: The inconvenient truth about magical teachers

  • A review of “Waiting for Superman” and its counterpart: teachers aren’t magicians. (Teachers College)
  • Families will receive public pre-K offers on Friday, the Department of Education says. (Insideschools)
  • Tomorrow night, Steve Brill presents on “how to bring outstanding teaching to scale.” (New America)
  • NBC’s Education Nation Philly stop awkwardly coincides with a tremendous budget crisis. (Notebook)
  • Rick Santorum’s education views: pro-choice, says public school system too industrial. (Campaign K12)
  • Denver official on improper credit recovery reports: “we are actively investigating the claims.” (EdNews)
  • Cato: California’s best charter schools don’t get the most philanthropic support. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • The market for building teacher evaluation systems appears healthy. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  • Even B+ students have to take remedial courses in college sometimes. (Community College Spotlight)
  • Good resources for learning about the four federally approved turnaround models. (Ferlazzo)