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Remainders: New data tool reveals a wide 'opportunity gap'

  • A new data tool allows comparisons of opportunities offered from school to school. (ProPublica)
  • The data comes from the U.S. DOE’s civil rights office and show great disparities. (Politics K-12)
  • Maybe teachers, like athletes, should be offered premiums rather than incentives. (Matthew Yglesias)
  • A teacher says a question on this year’s global studies exam was bad historiography. (GS Community)
  • Andy Rotherham: Higher education needs to mend, but not end, tenure rules. (School of Thought)
  • Aaron Pallas fires back against Joel Klein, who fired back against Aaron Pallas. (Answer Sheet)
  • A main New Jersey charter school funder’s ATM receipt showed a $100 million balance. (Gawker)
  • The Miami school Michelle Rhee held up as proof of choice’s benefits got an F. (Miami Herald)
  • The UFT’s Michael Mulgrew released a radio ad thanking those who opposed layoffs. (
  • Teacher evaluations a top priority at the National Education Association conference. (Teacher Beat)
  • On the long, complicated, and sometimes arbitrary history of school co-locations. (Brooklyn Based)
  • And we’ll be starting our weekend a day early. Check back for breaking news (and a little surprise)!

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