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Remainders: 'Strategic hiring' a new focus for urban schools

  • To boost quality, urban schools are focusing on “strategic hiring” of teachers. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Jonathan Alter attacks Diane Ravitch, a critic of Mayor Bloomberg, on Bloomberg‘s news site.
  • A collection of impassioned defenses of Ravitch from ed experts and city parents. (NYC P.S. Parents)
  • City schools are so full of new technology you’d never know there was a budget crisis. (Brooklyn Rail)
  • The UFT doesn’t seem always to advertise stories about persecuted chapter teachers. (Ed Notes)
  • A guide to getting a great high school arts education completes a series that starts early. (Dewey 21C)
  • Downtown parents are upset about the Department of Education’s school siting priorities. (DNAInfo)
  • What a teacher never expected he’d feel about teaching. (The Reflective Educator)
  • Retired tennis star Andre Agassi is going to help urban charter schools get buildings. (AP)
  • Tension over testing between the state and local levels, as seen in NYC, was inevitable. (Teacher Beat)
  • Teachers who collaborate well are being split apart next year, one of them reports. (Tween Teacher)
  • Following up with the handball prodigy twins who were banned from school play this year. (Times)
  • Eighth-graders at a city private school have designed the classroom of the future. (T Magazine)
  • A teacher describes the experience of being bullied by her colleagues. (Connected Principals)
  • To which a city teacher responds with encouraging words, and a call to action. (Mr. Foteah)
  • Thank you for your thank you, Brent. We love linking to thoughtful pieces by city teachers. (Brent Nycz)