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Rise & Shine: State union sues over new teacher evaluations

  • The state teachers union is suing over new evaluation rules. (WSJ, Daily News, Post, NY1, WNYC)
  • Dennis Walcott’s main accomplishment as chancellor so far has been winning over hearts. (Times)
  • Walcott’s graduation speeches have ranged from less than 4 minutes to just over 9 minutes. (Times)
  • The City Council’s is set to eliminate a program that helps teachers pay for supplies. (GothamSchools)
  • But the council is kicking in $30 million to help the city rid schools of toxic PCBs. (NY1)
  • The star of Truman High School’s football team was killed during a post-graduation fight. (Times, Post)
  • A Staten Island teenager died after being hit by a truck on her way to the bus after school. (Post)
  • The principal of a school for young writers is accused of plagiarizing his graduation speech. (Daily News)
  • Ayouba Doumbia, a Manhattan alternative school graduate, is an Ivory Coast refugee. (Daily News)
  • Independence HS principal Ron Smolkin used city funds to pay a secretary for personal help. (GS, NY1)
  • The Daily News: Hazel Dukes’ latest outburst shows that the NAACP is not helping city children.
  • Nicole Gelinas: Michael Mulgrew shouldn’t have had to solve the city’s budget, but kudos to him. (Post)
  • Michael Goodwin: The idea that funding and unions hold schools back undersells good schools. (Post)