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Learn more about our reporters and how you can add your voice

Among the many changes going on in the New York City school world are some incredibly small (but significant!) ones here at GothamSchools.

From new guidelines for commenting to a Community section submission policy to bios of our new staff members, all the changes are aimed at having a more productive, transparent conversation.

You can find everything on our new “About” page, which we just updated. Among the new information:

  • Biographies of the fantastic new staff members whose stories have populated GothamSchools in recent weeks. Meet reporter Geoffrey Decker and contributors Chris Arp and Sarah Darville.
  • Explanations of how we put together our daily Rise & Shine and Remainders posts — and information about how to help us with them.
  • Guidelines for commenters, which incorporate suggestions our readers made when we first proposed a comments policy in January.
  • A submissions policy for the Community section, for the first time ever. Here’s how to contribute your voice:

We welcome contributions from people with informed perspectives on the city schools. Readers are invited to submit ideas for one-time posts or ongoing diary-style series by contacting community@gothamschools.org. We are more likely to accept submissions that draw on personal experiences inside schools or advance policy debates with new information or insights. We typically do not publish submissions from public relations professionals, anonymous posts, or responses to pieces that appeared on GothamSchools or elsewhere. We will not publish anything that is obscene or factually incorrect. Community section posts are subject to editing for style, structure, accuracy, and argument. Writers retain final approval of posts before they are published.

Next up: An improved jobs board, which you’ll see on the site next week. We retooled the jobs board to address feedback. You’ll find easier formatting, bulk-posting discounts, a streamlined system for renewing posts, and a work-around for Department of Education employees blocked from using business credit cards on PayPal.

Don’t wait until next week to post new jobs. On July 1, our prices will go up a bit — to $75 for regular postings and $150 for featured postings. So post now to take advantage of the current rates. All existing job posts will move onto the new board.