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Remainders: Joel Klein's search for the education president

  • Joel Klein will host a Republican presidential debate on the future of education. (Politico, Ad Week)
  • The NAACP’s national office is jumping into the fight led by charter school parents in Harlem. (Observer)
  • Denver teachers’ evaluation report thinks about how to account for school environment. (Ariel Sacks)
  • A teacher describes her students’ anguish at the elimination of the January Regents. (NYCPSP)
  • “No year in recent memory” has been so good for voucher advocates, they say. (The Nation)
  • A 1993 Casey Foundation report reminds of the wisdom of patience in change efforts. (Ferlazzo)
  • A former DOE attorney responsible for teacher discipline defends seniority-based layoffs. (NYT)
  • Scrutinizing the arguments defending charter schools’ enrollment differences. (School Finance)
  • Are you also obsessed with the Gates Foundation’s new headquarters? A virtual tour! (TechFlash)
  • A nomination for new voices to join Diane Ravitch and Deborah Meier’s conversation. (Jay Mathews)
  • A teacher’s happy realization that more than some of education is about students. (On the Plate)
  • Mitt Romney hasn’t been recorded saying anything about NCLB in the last six months. (Campaign K12)

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