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Remainders: Upper East, West Side children had best G&T shot

  • Nearly half of children in District 2 and District 3 who tried for gifted programs got in. (Insideschools)
  • The head of a leading arts advocacy group is the new dean of Mannes College of Music. (New School)
  • City teens protested cuts to summer jobs, runaway shelters, and afterschool programs. (Daily Politics)
  • A teacher at Banana Kelly High School is teaching her students about refugees. (Learning Matters)
  • Ruben’s personal backstory on how he knows good teacher evaluations matter. (GS Community)
  • Part one of a travelogue about a visit to the School of One at David Boody Middle School. (Quick and Ed)
  • A history lesson about why black activists broke their ties with teachers unions. (Black Agenda Report)
  • In Philadelphia, a principal is retiring to save the jobs of two music teachers at his school. (
  • And in Indiana, a superintendent is stepping down to save his district $123,000 a year. (AP)
  • Republican pres. candidate Michelle Bachmann likes a mishmash of education policies. (Politics K-12)
  • The Tiger Mom’s daughter was valedictorian and is going to Harvard. (Daily Caller via Gawker)
  • Andy Rotherham says he’d putting money on NCLB not changing this summer. (School of Thought)
  • Charter schools and district schools in Denver share resources, rather than compete for them. (GOOD)
  • What one teacher did during her first week of “taking the summer off.” (Mrs. Ripp)

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