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Remainders: The one word the Republicans didn't mention

  • The Obama team is noting that education didn’t come up in the Republican debate. (Campaign K12)
  • Charter schools are a revolt against bad education, but we need a revolution. (USA Today)
  • The new edition of the AFT mag looks at a common core for learning to teach. (American Educator)
  • A Brooklyn high school student who was bullied is launching an anti-bullying campaign. (NYDN)
  • Kevin Drum: A new study of preschool effects shows we are remiss not to invest more. (Mother Jones)
  • Or does it? The Chicago study was just a pilot with no proof that it could be scaled. (Megan McArdle)
  • A two-day Teachers College conference will ask how to teach philosophy to young students. (Ed Week)
  • How to take advantage of the end of stimulus funding: restructure education. (Ed Money Watch)
  • An argument against the assignment of a single novel to an entire class of students. (Ed Week)
  • A New Orleans education entrepreneur hosted a “DisruptED” event about change ideas. (YouTube)

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