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Rise & Shine: Churches will pray for school budget relief

  • Religious leaders will pray for an end to “immoral” budget cuts to education this weekend. (Daily News)
  • A 16-year-old Bronx student was shot in the hip on her way home from school. (Post)
  • A Brooklyn charter school’s new home would displace two beloved day care centers. (Daily News)
  • The state plans to grant News Corp a contract to build a student data system like ARIS. (Daily News)
  • Joel Klein predicted that he will lead several education acquisitions in the next few months. (FT)
  • The number of certified arts teachers here is declining for the first time in four years. (NYT, GS)
  • City Council Member Mark Weprin criticized Race to the Top spending on new tests. (Queens Tribune)
  • A Queens fifth-grader who lost the tip of his finger in a lunch incident blames his school. (Daily News)
  • Details on the proposed new teacher pension tier that Governor Cuomo unveiled. (Patch)
  • The Times, Post and the Daily News endorse Governor Cuomo’s proposed pension reforms.
  • A Staten Island Catholic school teacher was placed on leave for a relationship with a student. (Post)