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Rise & Shine: Layoff estimates could fall as retirements rise

  • More teachers than expected appear to be retiring or otherwise leaving this year. (Post)
  • Michael Goodwin: In many city schools, students are failing but teachers pass them anyway. (Post)
  • A foster child is among 35 students graduating from the early-college Hostos-Lincoln Academy. (Daily News)
  • Students from PS 124 in Chinatown won a national high school chess tournament. (WNYC)
  • Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. will lead a bid to push education in the 2012 campaign. (Ad Week)
  • Diane Ravitch: The “miracle” of school reform recently is merely a triumph of public relations. (Times)
  • Jim Dwyer: The cost of cutting foreign language Regents exams is more than the state will save. (Times)
  • PS 73 in the Bronx has suffered a string of technology thefts that’s left it laptop-less. (Daily News)
  • People are protesting charter schools in many cities, even though some of the schools are good. (CNN)
  • The Post says the school closure lawsuit shows how Albany fails by legislating terms that can be litigated.
  • The Daily News says Chancellor Walcott must fire Andrew Buck, a controversial high school principal.
  • Chicago plans to give poor students low-cost, high-speed internet access at home. (Chicago Sun-Times)