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Remainders: How serious is this year's teacher layoff threat?

  • Bloomberg’s budget suggests cutting 1 of every 12 teachers; criticism is rampant. (AP, GS, NYT, DN)
  • Chancellor Walcott broke up a skirmish between reports at Bloomberg’s budget presser. (Daily Politics)
  • Why did Bloomberg suddenly retract Cuomo criticism and his no-LIFO push? One possibility. (NYM)
  • A qualitative report on a cash-for-good-behavior program to city families offers early findings. (MDRC)
  • Challenging the idea that opposition to idealocrat reform only reflects a vocal minority. (Failing Schools)
  • The NEA, which cast a no-confidence vote for Race to the Top, plans to endorse Obama. (Teacher Beat)
  • Brizard hasn’t started yet, but Chicago schools central employees are already being let go. (Catalyst)
  • The Chicago teachers union is pulling away from support of a change in state law. (Catalyst)
  • What Diane Ravitch means when she says poor children deserve private school quality. (Flypaper)
  • The gap between policy and practice is wide, say teachers working at the USDOE. (Ed Week)
  • What Mitch Daniels might support on education, if he decided to run for president. (Politics K-12)
  • Former educators argue that “mass customized learning” is Inevitable in a new book by that title. (LFA)
  • In three states, lawmakers are pushing to reject the adoption of common core standards. (Ed Week)
  • In some areas, Calif. spends $200,000 per student on education. (California Watch via Joanne)
  • Some online education programs rely heavily on teachers, but some simply do not. (

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