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Remainders: American students failed a national civics test

  • Sandra Day O’Connor called students’ failing grades on a civics exam a “crisis.” (Times)
  • For the most important age group — 12th graders — scores have fallen since 2006. (Eduflack)
  • Mike Petrilli: Whether poor kids need different schools is a hard conversation worth having. (Flypaper)
  • A Wildcat Academy teacher is giving her school the graphic novel treatment. (Edwize)
  • A New Yorker comic pokes fun at the rigamarole of private school admissions. (Abacus Mom)
  • A new book by the founder of Education Week lays out education principles for all. (Jay Mathews)
  • Providence, R.I., has rehired three-quarters of the teachers it controversially terminated. (AP)
  • Newark’s new schools chief, Cami Anderson, doesn’t know Diane Ravitch but gets her passion. (Russo)
  • Prospective Republican presidential candidate Mitch Daniels unveiled his ed platform. (Politics K-12)

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