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Remainders: The mea culpa of exasperated parents’ dreams

  • An expansive apology from the DOE to exasperated parents. Hint: It’s not real. (Insideschools)
  • True or false: UFT : Joel Klein :: NYSUT : Commissioner of State Ed Department. (Ed in the Apple)
  • There are organizations out there doing “restarts” with success. In NYC? Who knows. (EdVox)
  • A Gates-funded group changed its mission statement to reflect its critics’ fact-check. (Answer Sheet)
  • Is the once-bland, now fiery Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss education’s Lou Dobbs? (Jay Greene)
  • There’s tons of funding for education advocacy. What about arts education advocacy? (Dewey21C)
  • Early childhood advocates are wondering if Head Start can save itself by going for-profit. (Hechinger)
  • Despite making gains this year, a group of special ed students were battered by state tests. (Mr. Foteah)
  • Linda Darling-Hammond spoke at Teachers College on the value of democratic education. (The Nation)
  • Norm Fruchter: Mayor Bloomberg’s comments about public school parents show his true colors. (EdVox)
  • N.J. Gov Chris Christie has revised upwards the state’s estimates of its school spending. (Metropolis)
  • Student-decorated lunch tables are on display in Union Square to benefit arts in the schools. (NY1)
  • A meditation on love on the occasion of finishing NYC Teaching Fellows’ courses. (GS Community)
  • An argument that the social networking site Twitter is “a teacher’s best tool.” (GOOD)
  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan joins Twitter with a Chicago Bulls lamentation. (Twitter)