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Remainders: Mayor on why parents support struggling schools

  • Bloomberg: Parents supporting struggling schools “don’t understand the value of education.” (City Room)
  • A new weekly email newsletter will send teachers best-practice research on instruction. (BPW)
  • Think tank education studies are more likely to be covered than academic studies. (Ed Week)
  • PISA scores from around the world suggest lots of studying time doesn’t always pay off. (Hechinger)
  • Pawlenty’s presidential plans could make education a topic in the 2012 election. (Politics K12)
  • Steve Brill’s new book, Class Warfare, goes inside “the fight to fix America’s schools.” (Facebook)
  • A list of ways to help educators accept change that comes strangely courtesy of IBM. (Ed Week)
  • P.S. 9, the popular Upper West Side school, will phase out its gifted program. (Insideschools)
  • A heartfelt thank you to our friend Anna Phillips; they are lucky to have you. (GothamSchools)

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