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Rise & Shine: Nepotism accusations vs. resigned DOE tech exec

  • A DOE tech official who resigned is seen to have helped her partner gain city contracts. (Daily News)
  • Some worry the creation of a core curriculum at CUNY will limit its more selective colleges. (Times)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said the UFT is creating “havoc and disruption” with its school closure lawsuit. (Post)
  • The Daily News says the UFT’s school closure lawsuit shows the union is not working for kids.
  • The State Senate will hold a hearing Monday on discipline processes for teachers. (Post)
  • Teachers and staff at Academic Leadership Charter say it illicitly screens students. (GothamSchools)
  • City officials say they will open a new elementary school at Peck Slip, but not until 2015. (Tribeca Trib)
  • The playground at Brooklyn’s PS 39 will be closed for three years, upsetting families. (Daily News)
  • Parents at Manhattan’s PS 42 say explicit paintings at an adjacent gallery are inappropriate. (Post)
  • A nonprofit group visited 100+ schools to help students express feelings about Japan’s tsunami. (NY1)
  • Parents in the Bay Area say they have to fight to get their children special education services. (Times)
  • Los Angeles is pushing to lay off librarians by arguing that they don’t teach. (L.A. Times)