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Remainders: Whose schools of choice?

  • City officials continue to promote school choice, but it’s not clear what they mean by that. (Capital NY)
  • A kindergarten father realizes he wouldn’t be a father without Osama bin Laden. (Insideschools)
  • A mom weighs whether to leave PS 29 and send her child to a district gifted program. (Insideschools)
  • A suggestion that teachers simply ignore students who enter class late. (Coach G’s Teaching Tips)
  • A city school displays “disablism” by prohibiting students on crutches from going to class. (Deven Black)
  • Even third-graders who know their stuff need test prep, turning teachers off of third grade. (Miss Brave)
  • A visual representation of three years of longer kindergarten wait lists. (NYC Public School Parents)
  • A Catholic teacher attends a Passover Seder and finds inspiration for her classroom. (GS Community)

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