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Remainders: Klein repeating a maybe-apocryphal Shanker quote

  • Most city schools have gym teachers now, but too few have adequate gym space. (Insideschools)
  • The new movie meant to rebut “Waiting for ‘Superman'” features real, live teachers. (Socialist Worker)
  • Many are asking if college is worth the high price. Andy Rotherham answers yes. (School of Rock)
  • An Al Shanker quote Joel Klein has been using in anti-union speeches is likely apocryphal. (Edwize)
  • City Council members are pushing back against the city’s proposed day care cuts. (Daily Politics)
  • Calling themselves “Chiefs of Change,” state ed heads call for changes in federal aid. (Politics K-12)
  • Republicans and Democrats seems unable to communicate about changes to NCLB. (Rick Hess)
  • Find out how much of your city taxes went to fund education thanks to a new calculator. (
  • School funding advocates are launching a “Reality Tour” about school budget cuts. (Capital Tonight)
  • California’s teacher of the year explains why teaching to the test is sometimes a good thing. (ASCD)
  • Georgia school boards that once rejected charter schools will now get to decide if they survive. (AJC)
  • Our story about Academic Leadership Charter School cuts at a key charter critique. (Daily Intel)

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