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Rise & Shine: As layoffs looms, city hiring some new teachers

  • Even as layoffs loom, the city is recruiting 500 new teachers in shortage areas. (Daily News)
  • Parents and school leaders are relieved schools are undergoing “restart” and not worse. (Daily News)
  • Popular Community Roots Charter School faces expansion opposition. (Times, Gothamschools)
  • The union is leading a lawsuit to stop school closures. (GS, Times, Post, Daily News, WNYC, NY1, WSJ)
  • Voters in most state districts approved school budgets, including in Albany. (Times, Times Union)
  • Statewide, about 1,200 former school officials earn $100,000+ pensions. (Post)
  • The Post says public-employee pensions are threatening to debilitate the state’s finances.
  • Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School is the city’s shortest-lived school. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says the state must stand firm against bids to scale down its teacher evaluation plan.